Audio Conferencing


Audio conferencing is a convenient and cost-effective way for multiple people to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Simply by using a telephone, geographically dispersed employees, clients and partners can meet as often as required – without the downtime or costs associated with travel.


Audio Conferencing

BCE Nexxia’s audio conferencing services provide a quick, cost-effective and convenient way for your customers to meet and collaborate. Our complete set of conferencing services offer your customers the ability to choose the service option that best meets their business needs. They can meet at any time, or book meetings in advance with the assistance of a trained professional.


BCE Nexxia’s audio conferencing services are available on a pay-for-use basis and have no lock-in fees or minimum monthly commitments.


We offer several audio conferencing services:




Reservationless conferencing offers total flexibility for regular, frequent or last-minute meetings. No reservations are required and a variety of features can easily be accessed by using a touch-tone phone.




Operator-assisted conferencing is for customers with larger audiences or those who conduct high profile meetings. The operator manages the call and can dial out to participants or greet those who dial in. A full suite of features is available including call recording, playback and more. Reservations are required and can be made 24/7.




Event conferencing is a professional service for large groups in multiple locations such as a quarterly or annual meeting, or a major product announcement. This service delivers a high level of support, including:

  • A dedicated operator available throughout the meeting to manage features and ensure the call runs smoothly
  • A full suite of features such as Q&A, self-registration and vote polling
  • The ability to book an event 24/7, as reservations are required


BCE Nexxia Audio Conferencing solutions provide a convenient and cost-effective way for your customers to communicate and collaborate using a touch-tone phone – no special equipment required. BCE Nexxia’s parent company – Bell Canada – is a trusted brand with more than 130 years of experience providing communications services, and is one of the leading audio conferencing providers in Canada.


Industry expertise

  • Fully digital, state-of-the-art conferencing network
  • The right technology and resources to provide fast resolution and improved productivity
  • Our reliable service assurance aligns with industry best practices

Customer Support

  • Operator assistance is available 24/7 in English and French and can be easily accessed using touch-tone phone features during a call
  • Local dial-in access in key Canadian cities, as well as toll-free access in North America and to 21 countries around the world

Cost-effective and future-ready

  • Pay-per-use service also available
  • Easily add products as your collaboration needs change

Easy and simplified

  • Benefit from a fully managed, end-to-end solution
  • Offer one-stop shopping to your customers
  • Reduce multi-vendor complexity

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