Data & Internet


Carrier Ethernet

BCE Nexxia’s Carrier Ethernet is a complete Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that enables service providers to deliver customized high performance WANs without the cost of additional network builds, providing reliable and secure services to the end users.


Digital Private Line

BCE Nexxia’s Private Line service is a dedicated point to point digital solution that provides a highly secure and reliable way for Canadian and U.S. carriers to deliver high bandwidth private line reach to their end users.



Internet Access Services

We provide a wide variety of Internet based services that fit your customer’s business needs.


Partner with us to get access to our broad portfolio of cost-efficient solutions.



Internet Transit

To succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations need reliable, flexible and cost-effective, high-speed Internet services.


Leverage the largest Internet user-base in Canada by partnering with BCE Nexxia. Our services provide a full range of connectivity options designed for high traffic volume.



Harness the power of our MPLS network to cost-effectively create an extensive, secure and managed IP private network in Canada.








Our Wavelength service offers a dedicated, high-bandwidth and low-latency network. You can cost-effectively extend your reach into and across Canada to meet the demands of customers with bandwidth-intensive applications.