Database and wholesale operator services


Gain competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction by offering a suite of database and wholesale operator services to your customers.


Wholesale Operator Services

A suite of services that enable telecommunications providers to offer directory assistance (411) and other operator services to its customers. Services include:

  • Directory Assistance (411) service
  • Alternative Billing (0+) service
  • Operator Assistance (0-) service
  • Toll-Free Directory Assistance service
Wholesale Database Services

As a telecommunications service provider you have access to BCE Nexxia managed databases that enable multiple services within Canada including:

  • Number Portability (NP)
  • Billed Number Screening (BNS)
  • Message/IP Relay (711)
  • Emergency Services (911)

Network reliability & reach

  • Most extensive, robust and reliable telephone network in Canada
  • Our transport network has 99.999% availability
  • Fewer dropped calls and the highest possible voice quality at competitive rates
  • Reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services

Experience and credibility

  • BCE Nexxia’s parent company, Bell Canada has over 130 years of telecommunications experience
  • Backed by the largest team of voice professionals in Canada, our network sets the industry benchmark for superior performance standards, consistent quality transmission and clear reception
  • BCE Nexxia is a full solutions provider with voice, data, Internet, wireless, satellite, hardware and local access

Customer Support

  • Our reliable service assurance aligns with industry best practices

Business growth opportunity

  • We provide easy entry into the home phone market without a large capital investment
  • Avoid time-consuming work of filing for CLEC status and managing regulatory issues
  • Customers have an opportunity to broaden their portfolio suite and branch out into other voice service offerings
  • Compete effectively with retail cable companies and Voice over IP home phone providers

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