Internet Service Providers


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) demand the very best in access and transit capabilities to offer Internet connectivity and enhanced services customers seek. Whether it’s to conduct critical business transactions or access the Internet, your customers expect the very best service to meet their business or lifestyle requirements.


To meet the dynamics of a rapidly growing and changing marketplace, BCE Nexxia offers cost-effective, reliable and secure solutions tailored to your specific business model.


We provide a wide selection of service options to support your current and future needs:

  • The most extensive broadband, IP and voice communications network across Canada connected to convenient “meet me” points in strategic U.S. cities
  • National Ethernet services delivered on our enhanced Carrier Ethernet service and connected to the most number of businesses in our ILEC territory, with coast-to-coast availability
  • Various cost-effective access types, leveraging Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), Optical Ethernet, DSL, Internet and wireless
  • An extensive and highly reliable North American fiber-optic backbone network with failover redundancy