IP VPN service from BCE Nexxia offers a managed Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that allows you to deliver a secure and reliable network to your customers. Delivered over our MPLS core, you can seamlessly create virtual private networks to deliver voice, data and video.


IP VPN is an affordable way to extend your service presence into Canada – with minimal capital costs – and  securely link your customers’ geographically dispersed sites.



IP VPN service from BCE Nexxia gives you access to the largest national MPLS network in Canada to deliver a secure, reliable and robust network to your customers. We offer you a secure infrastructure, feature-rich capabilities and guaranteed levels of performance. With our service, you can take advantage of:

  • Cost-effective access to a powerful MPLS network, the largest in Canada
  • Guaranteed performance backed by industry leading service level agreements (SLA)
  • Multiple Classes of Service (CoS) that offer a choice of features, bandwidth options and performance guarantees
  • Simplified management via connectionless network


With BCE Nexxia’s IP VPN, you can choose from Customer Managed or BCE Nexxia Managed service options.


Customer Managed

With Customer Managed services, you control the network, with the flexibility to own and manage your own equipment and routers. Choose from Basic or Premium service, with a variety of service package options.

  • Basic service

The Customer Edge (CE) router is owned and managed by you.

  • Premium service

The Customer Edge (CE) router is owned and managed by you. This option offers enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLA) and performance reporting.


BCE Nexxia Managed

With this fully managed solution, BCE Nexxia manages the end-to-end network and owns and manages all equipment and routers including the Customer Edge (CE) router and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for you. With this option, you’ll have access to the latest technology and highly IT resources.


Site type packages

You can choose from several site type package options depending on your need


High Performance

Offers the most features, options and the widest range of bandwidth options, Class of Service and performance guarantees



Provides Class of Service and performance guarantees on lower speeds


Value DSL

Offers secure Internet (IPSec) access to the MPLS network using best in class encryption methods with access speeds of up to 1 Gbps.



Network Reach

  • The largest IP MPLS network in Canada
  • Expansive ILEC coverage in Ontario and Québec which is home to 62% of the Canadian population and has the greatest concentration of business centers


  • End-to-end managed diversity
  • We provide measurable service level guarantees with reports that provide overall service and network performance metrics. With responsive service management, 24/7/365 technical support and a national single point of contact (SPOC) help desk available, we deliver industry leading service assurance and support

Experience and Credibility

  • We are recognized as a leading North American provider of managed MPLS services
  • An extensive professional service team with highly skilled technicians trained to support your needs