Long distance services


Our long distance services are fully managed solutions that can help you reduce churn and improve your ability to acquire new customers.


Trust BCE Nexxia’s reliable and always available services to transit and terminate your long distance minutes.


Our long-distance services are designed and created exclusively for the rebiller market in Canada. The solution allows rebillers to charge customer dialed toll calls at their own rates.


Toll Service

Our wholesale customers do not need their own network to be able to offer a toll solution to their clients. All long distance calls made from a particular telephone travel on our network from call origination to termination.


Easy online system takes less than a minute to make an order request.


Daily online Call Detail Record (CDR) delivery allows customers to place orders, monitor order status and rebill end users in the most efficient manner possible.


White labeled calling cards are also available with this system.


Toll-free Service

A toll-free service allows your customers to receive voice, data and fax calls at no charge to the calling party. The service can be set up for Canada only, North America or over 65 countries worldwide.


Enhance your customer service and contact center operations with a wide suite of call routing, announcement and management features.

Reliable network

  • We have the most extensive, robust and reliable telephone network in Canada
  • With our network there are fewer dropped calls and the highest possible voice quality at competitive rates
  • BCE Nexxia has negotiated international carrier agreements to secure competitive volume-based rates

BCE managed solution

  • BCE Nexxia Long Distance is easy to implement and delivered over a web-based application for simplified order entry
  • The BCE Nexxia e-Portal is safe, secure and easy to use
  • We offer real-time service provisioning and next-day call reporting

Experience and credibility

  • BCE Nexxia’s parent company, Bell Canada has over 130 years of telecommunications experience
  • We are a full ICT solutions provider with voice, data, Internet, wireless, satellite, hardware and local access
  • With our vast experience in other services such as data, Internet and wireless, customers have an opportunity to broaden their portfolio and branch out into other voice service offerings

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